Cyber security awareness

Why you should offer a cyber security awareness training to your employees

Have you ever thought about the importance of employees who are trained in cyber security awareness? No? Then be sure to read on! … Read More

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How to recognize phishing mails

Hackers pretend to be someone else and often use social engineering to obtain money, personal or business data of their victims. We call this trend phishing. … Read More

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Password vs Passphrase

Password or Passphrase: Which one is safer?

Strong passwords are important to protect data. However, it’s not easy to come up with a new, original password for every account and we see that people often choose for ‘convenience’. … Read More

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Brace yourself against identity theft

Protect yourself against identity theft

As the name itself says, identity theft is about stealing someone’s identity. It is often thought that this is something that can only happen to wealthy people but that’s not true. … Read More

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